Week 10

Language & Literature

This week we attempted our formative assessment on persuasive appeals (ethos, pathos and logos) and gained a deeper understanding by reflecting on the feedback .We worked on vocabulary building by assuming the meaning of a word from the context, learning strategies to remember the meaning and spellings and then finally using them in a sentence. We also understood how various words have gained different meaning over a period. Furthermore, we revised report writing and grammar concepts to prepare for the forthcoming summative assessment.
By: Aiyana Nagare MYP2A  


In the past week, we completed two formative assessments. One of them was an investigation and the other was a poster presentation. Through investigation, we improved our graphmaking skills.For the second assessment we had to make posters and write down our points on the decision to travel wherever and whenever; we want to. Towards the end of this week we started our new unit, Heat energy.
By:Aaradhya Jain- MYP 2B


We performed various experiments to investigate the signs of chemical reactions and noted the observations for the same. We observed two demonstrations of compound formation. Further, we discussed more about mixtures and their properties. We conducted experiments to separate components of mixtures using magnetic separation and centrifugation techniques.  

By: Yashada Khanna MYP 2A  


We completed our formative assessment on testing  food samples for the presence of starch and glucose. We learned about respiration and labelled a diagram showing different parts of the respiratory system. Furthermore, we performed a practical activity to investigate changes in breathing rate under different conditions such as after a brisk walk, running and taking rest. We did this activity in groups andcollated the data.

By :Ayush Gupta MYP2C


In the past week, we researched about natural disaster, how  they occur and how they are managed by LEDC and MEDC’s. We presented a poster by synthesizing the research as a part of an interesting collaboration task. We watched videos about scientific and technical innovations, how they predict disasters and manage them. We learned the safety measures to be taken during an earthquake.We also  investigated  the role of scientific and technical innovations in disaster management through a case study as a part our second formative assessment.
By:  Arjun MYP 2D


This week, we covered topics such as simplifying algebraic expressions and product notation etc. We also played a quiz to recapitulateour concepts.We enhanced our knowledge by applying the concepts tosolve magic squares and created our own.
By:Aashray Aggarwal MYP 2B

Language Acquisition


Through interactive activities we learnt how to ask and give directions in the city. Thus, enhancing our communication skills. This was our basic introduction to imperatives in formal and informal settings. We appeared for our second formative assessment on criterion A and received feedback on our performance. Lastly, we described our city using new words and verbs we learnedinthis unit. 
By:Aashi Aggarwal MYP 2D


Phase 1: This week we practiced writing a composition on ‘Around My City’ using one of the formal text forms discussed in the class before we attempted our formative assessment on criterion C and D. We discussed strands of criteria C and D too .

By: RabaniMYP 2C

Phase 2:  This week we practiced picture description in class before taking our formative assessment on criteria C and D. We also discussed strands of criteria C and D in class.  We learnt new vocabulary through text comprehension. 

By: Aiyana Nagrare MYP2A 


Emergent:  This week we practiced dialogue writing comparing the cleanliness in both the cities. We also did our formative assessment on criteria B , C and D .
By:TavanyaSeth MYP 2B 

Capable: Over the past  week, we explored the topic ‘Health of the mind and body’. We  wrote stories and essays on debatable topics such as ‘What is more important; Health of the body or mind? We also discussed the subject. We attempted  our formative assessment 1 and 2 on Criteria C and D. By:Zoya Gupta MYP 2C

Visual Art

We worked on developing our layouts based on mind maps. After developing four alternatives we chose one and justified the reason. The proposal was made keeping in mind the composition as well as the technique and colour scheme. We are now in the process of working on our final artwork . We also worked on our criterion A presentation in which we had to choose two artists from pop art and pointillism and write about the style technique and subject matter expressed by the artist.

Yashada Khanna (MYP-2A)  

Product Design

In the last week, we worked on our PowerPoint Presentation on criteria A. Following the design cycle, in the first strand, we analysed the design problem.  In the second strand, we framed our research questions for the secondary research. We analysed 4 existing products for our third strand. In the final strand we compiled the main points of our research to construct a design brief wherein we discussed how we intend to solve the problem.

By:Sarim KhanMYP 2D  

Digital Design

In the last week ,we discussed Criterion A , followed by an assessment on the same .We also enhanced our self-management  and reflective skills by working on a reflection sheet .Towards the end of this week we started software exploration and understanding of the various tools for the same .
By:Yashada Khanna MYP 2A  


We presented our models and shared our ideas on design, materials used and the story that we depicted through our models. We also reflected on our models in our respective groups. We also started brainstorming and research on our task1; Presentation on physical theatre.            


We continued with our first unit in martial Arts. We practiced different karate kicks. We also practised suryanamaskar to increase the flexibility component.

By: Suryaansh MYP 2 A


After learning the theory of different scales and clefs, we practiced it by playing different tonalities on keyboard. We are learning how to play major and minor scales on the keyboard using right finger patterns. With continuous practice, we will have a thorough understanding of the tones/sounds of different types of scales as each one has a distinct character and expression. We were explained our next formative and summative assessments in which we would use these scales to create our own melodies.   By: ArshAgarwalMYP 2B  

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