Week 8-9

Language and Literature

In the past two weeks, we were familiarized with rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos and logos) and how they are used as means of persuading others to believe or act on apoint of view. We revised the differences in tone, language and format of formal and informal letters. We also attended a session on writing interesting titles for articles by our senior Tashvi Anand. Furthermore, we recapitulated our understanding of reported speech, focusing on the usage of correct tenses.  Towards the end of this week we attempted our formative assessment.

By:AiyanaNagare MYP2A


Last week we attempted our formative assessment in which we were divided into groups. We reflected on our assessment and calculated the speed with which the jogger and sprinter moved in the race. We also plotted a distance-time graph which helped us to analyze our investigation. 

By: Aadil MYP 2 B


In the last two weeks, we learnt the difference between pure substances and mixtures to see howdiverse they are from each other. We also learned details about different elements present inside our body through group presentations. This was a part of our formative assessment and was peer-assessed too.

By:Baidyuti Bhattacharya MYP 2C


In the past two weeks, we completed our practical based formative assessment. We also watched a video on deficiency diseases and learned about protein energy malnutrition. We were also introduced to the processes of breathing and respiration.

 By: Rhean Sharma Mathai MYP2C


In the past two weeks, we had a detailed discussion on effects and causes of earthquake. We also covered the topic of disaster management. We   discussed the immediate and long- term effects of earthquake which helped us in developing our thinking, communication and management skills.
By:Aashray Aggarwal MYP 2B


We culminated our unit of ‘number benders’ with complex application problems of integers. We also attempted a summative assessment of the unit. We began a new unit of algebraic expressions and equation.Towards the end of this week we started  working on complex addition and subtraction problems with algebraic expressions.

By :  Ananya MYP2D

Language Acquisition


In the past two weeks, we appeared for our first formative assessment on criterion B and received feedback on our performance. We also learnt how to give commands and orders to learn directions in the city. This was our basic introduction to imperatives in formal and informal settings. We watched some interactive videos based on prepositions, directions, and how to find our way in the city. We also participated activities to enhance our oral skills. Lastly, we attempted a Halloween theme-based activity on prepositions.  

By:Devika Malhotra MYP 2B 


We practiced reading comprehension and learned vocabulary related to ideal city. We also received feedback on criterion B of our formative assessment. We were introduced to conditional tense and practiced the same in the class. 

By: Aiyana Nagrare MYP2A


Phase 1:

Over the last two weeks we were introduced to the grammar topics and compared our city to Ibagué (one of the Hispanic cities) using Venn diagram. We enhanced our vocabulary related to the unit and focused on writing skills. We learned to express our opinions using impersonal pronoun with modal verbs in an impersonal way. We also received feedback on criterion B of our formative assessment.


We started this week with many activities in which we learnt about बिंब (image), how it is created using our five senses .To further our understanding of  this skill we attempted  a task on the same. Towards the end of this week we also appeared for our formative assessment .

By:LikhitRustagi MYP 2 C


Last week we discussed (रेफ़औरपदेन) with some examples We were also introduced to ‘chotipai’ and its examples .We  appeared for an oral formative assessment too. Towards the end of this week we were introduced to dialogue writing.

By:Tavanya Seth MYP 2B 

Visual Arts

An introduction to the elements of Art and the principles of design in an artwork helped in formal analysis of our chosen artworks from the two Art movements. We learned how artists used colour, form, shape, texture, balance, rhythm, point of emphasis and perspective to create an
artwork. We also learned about the rule of thirds and how it is used in creating a good composition. We learned how to draw landscapes using one- point perspective.  Based on our mind map we planned our landscape composition and started developing our own layouts. We worked on our layouts of  pointillism art.

By: Tavanya Shah MYP 2

Product Design

After receiving feedback on criterion A of the design cycle, we moved on to criterion B which is developing ideas. We started sketching our initial ideas on paper and simultaneously, we refreshed our knowledge of the various tools and commands of the CAD  software -2d design, which will be used to transfer our puzzle designs to the laser cutting machine. 

By:Amayra Soni  MYP 2D

Digital Design

In the last two weeks we discussed Criterion A , followed by an assessment on the same .We also enhanced our self-management  and reflective skills by working on a reflection sheet .Towards the end of this week we started software exploration and understanding of the various tools for the same .

By:Yashada Khanna MYP 2A


The last two weeks of theatre were mostly about the group project assigned to us . The task was to create a set from a story. This activity helped us learnhow mainstream plays are created and also developed our critical thinking .

By: Sarthak MYP2D


We continued with our first unit in martial arts. We performed a drill consisting of various punches and different kicks. We also learned upper and lower block. We did shuttle runs to increase the speed component.

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